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German Blocked Account

ImageBlocked Account

Officially approved by the German Federal Foreign Office

Why choose our Blocked Account?

  • Simple online account opening with official confirmation in minutes
  • Fast customer service with a 24-hour response guarantee
  • Secure and fast money transfer in your local currency
  • Money-back guarantee in case of visa refusal
  • Low fees: €49 (one-time setup) & €5 (monthly)

ImageValue Package

Most Popular
Your all-inclusive package for an easy start in Germany

What’s included in your Value Package?

Required for your visa:

  • Free German Blocked Account setup with €5 monthly fees
  • Free Incoming Insurance for your first 92 days in Germany

During your stay in Germany:

  • Health Insurance coverage from Germany’s top providers tailored to your needs
  • Opening support for a free current bank account for your monthly blocked account payouts
  • Free ISIC card for 1 year (access to 150,000+ student discounts)

ImageHealth Insurance

Health insurance for your visa and stay in Germany

Why get Health Insurance with us?

  • Insured by Germany’s best Public Health Insurance provider OR award-winning Private Health Insurance provider
  • Free Incoming Insurance for your first 92 days in Germany
  • Instant confirmation in your email
  • Extensive coverage incl. vaccinations
  • Dental treatments and hospital stays

Our Team

Kalyani Raju

Investor & Chief Advisor
Co-Founder at Aitechnohub

Vinay Singh Rajput

PhD IIT Bombay

Prof T N Singh

Mentor & Advisor
Director IIT Patna

Urshil Thakar

Consultant Riya Business Travel
Forex and Travel

Rishab R

B. Tech IIT Bombay

Meetul Patel

Advisor Blocked account
Country Manager Expatrio

Our Collaborator


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